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Friday, February 20, 2015

Round 2 in the saga of the PC Scammers

Round 2 in the saga of the PC Scammers:
I was delighted to get another call from the PC Scammers this morning. (Round 1 a couple weeks ago was interrupted by a call from my daughter I had to take.) Now, remember, I never lie to these people and drop hints all over the place, e.g., "I'm loading XP into my virtual box, etc., which, if they had any sense or really worked for Microsoft, would be a dead giveaway that I knew they were frauds. So I kept this guy going for a while and while we were loading the communications software they use - this was a new site-- (NEVER let them do this unless you are running a virtual machine), I asked him where he was located. He said Walnut Creek CA. I said great, my sister works there (true, Claudia does) and then I asked whether he took BART or a bus to work. At that point, after several queries to respond to my question, which he clearly did not understand, he said he had just moved there and turned me over to his supervisor. Now, this is where I made my mistake (assuming I wanted to keep him on the phone as long as possible.) The supervisor gave me an actual address in Walnut Creek (which I wish I had recorded,) so I kept asking him about BART, an important line of which ends in Walnut Creek. I've been there. When it was clear he had no clue about what BART was and I said anyone who worked in Walnut Creek would know about BART, he hung up. Bummer. Well, I await the next jerk.
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