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Friday, February 06, 2015

Tularosa: A Kevin Kerney Novel (Kevin Kerney Novels) by Michael McGarrity | LibraryThing

(Audiobook) A highly improbable plot involving an Kevin Kierney, an invalided sheriff's lieutenant.  He is asked by his former partner to locate his son who has disappeared.  The search leads  Kierney to the White Sands military range  and treks through the mountains, into Mexico, and a pile of artifacts worth millions from some old Civil War stuff.

The book has the classic plot:  the wounded hero who becomes drawn into action because it’s the proper thing to do.  Add the good-looking and competent girl who becomes romantically involved and a bunch of bad guys.  There you have it.  It feels sometimes like a Craig Johnson wanna-be but perhaps that was only because both were so ably read by George Guidall.  The first half of the book is better than the second.  

The landscape rendition is the best part of the book.  It’s the first in a series that shows promise so I’ll probably read the second.

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