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Friday, April 17, 2015

Silken Prey: A Lucas Davenport Novel by John Sandford | LibraryThing

Sandford is in top form in this excellent audiobook read by Richard Ferrone.  Lucas is asked by the governor to look into allegations that the Republican Senator has been set up.  Kiddie porn was found on his campaign computer by a volunteer, and the governor, who has known Porter Smalls all his life, is sure he’s innocent.  He’s worried some zealous advocate from his own party might be responsible for having set up Smalls and if that came out, the political backlash could hurt him as well as Smalls.  The problem is that an inconclusive investigation isn’t good enough.  The mere whisper of suspicion that someone might be involved with kiddie porn is more than enough to sink someone’s life, and not just politically.

Taryn Grant, Smalls opponent in the upcoming senatorial election, is smart, beautiful, rich, and amoral, willing to do just about anything to win the seat.  She has dogs, both human and canine, willing to help her get there. But how could the kiddie porn have come from the Minneapolis Police’s evidentiary file on to Smalls’ office computer?

Lucas calls in favors from a variety of sources and characters from his other series all appear: Flowers, Kidd, and Loren

Some reviewers have said Sandford’s political views are too obvious in this book. Well, if Sandford's political views are that he hates politicians then I would agree. It's certainly impossible to discern any other political leaning as each of the main characters: Taryn (the narcissistic and evil Democrat, the governor (the manipulating self-interested politician), and Smalls (the womanizing Republican) are all distinctly unlikeable, and the ending is quite cynical..  I think it's one of Sandford's better books.

Not a mystery, though.  The bad guys motivations and actions are laid out right from the start, and Lucas, for once, does some hard investigating.

23rd in the Davenport series.

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