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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Cold Nowhere: A Jonathan Stride Novel by Brian Freeman | LibraryThing

Audiobook well read by Joe Barrett.  This book, 6th in the series, directly follows Turn to Stone (numbered as 5.6).  I have read several of the Jonathan Stride series and have found most to be quite enjoyable. This one has a good mystery once you can get past the narcissistic psychobabble related to Jonathan’s relationship with women.  It would seem they all fawn over him and then get into cat-fights about him. The battle  between Maggie and Serena is silly, distracting and unprofessional.

The rest of the book is pretty good.  At the end of Turn to Stone, Stride returns home only to discover a young girl from his past hiding out in his house.  That’s where Cold Nowhere begins and the investigation into why she is being chased links events from Stride’s past, a very wealthy car dealer, a home for battered women, a reporter who has disappeared, an evil counselor,and a prostitution ring. While some of Stride’s investigatory leaps seem a unsupported by evidence, it’s a mystery that keeps propelling you forward.

Having been to Duluth the setting and the importance of the lift bridge was perhaps more obvious to me than it might be to those never having visit Canal Park. I downgraded the book because I got a little tired of Stride’s constant superficial self-examination. But I’ll read (listen) to more.

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