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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Venture Into Murder by Henry Kisor | LibraryThing

Deputy Steve Martinez, full-blooded Lakota, is now investigating the deaths of several people, one that occurred many years before.   Caught almost in flagrante delicto with someone else, his relationship with Ginny is a bit rocky, and the investigation keeps turning up linkages to “Venture” a profitable specialty plant growing operation that is using an abandoned mine to raise the plants where the temperature and other environmental conditions can be carefully controlled.

Kisor, author of Flight of the Gin Fizz, uses his knowledge of aviation to good use, as Steve must pull off a tricky night surveillance flight in the sheriff’s departmental old Cessna, AKA “piece of crap,” to quote his friend Alex of the State Police.  There’s a funny scene when they are flying at night to check out some suspicious characters and Steve shuts the engine off.  Everything is going as rehearsed until he can’t locate the key, which has come out of the ignition and he can’t restart the engine. Alex, who hates flying anyway, about craps in his pants.

Again, as in the first Martinez, it will be the characters and the wonderful little tidbits of history and information on the Porcupine area of the Upper Peninsula that draw you into the story, not the action.

I like the series a lot.

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