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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Resolution by Robert B. Parker

Audiobook:  Excellent western following Appaloosa in the Hitch/Cole series. I especially love the cadence of Parker’s writing that is very similar to his Jesse Stone series, one of my  Stone’s favorites. Hitch, who resembles Stone in many ways, has arrived at the town of Resolution where he takes the job of ‘lookout’ in a saloon/whorehouse.  He establishes his credentials very soon by killing the local gunfighter and then, to his employer’s consternation begins defending the local whores from brutes, several of whom are “important” people.

It gets complicated when the saloon’s owner, who also owns the general store, begins to close out on some homesteaders whose debts have become intolerable. He wants their land. And then the local mine owner hires two gunslingers and *he* wants the saloon.

Hitch and Cole are not your average gunslingers.  Hitch a graduate of West Point and Cole occasionally talks about John Locke. “The law is a contract between government and the people, so when we was the law in Appaloosa were we the government or the people?” asks Cole of Hitch.  Good question.  The issue arises once again in Resolution.

Perfectly read by Titus Welliver.

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