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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Tripwire by Lee Child

I have read or listened to several of the Reacher series, but it struck me while listening to this, the third in the series, that Jack Reacher is an extremely boring person who lives a prosaic, boring life.  He seems to have no interests, no love of music or books, or hobbies.  He suffers from terminal pseudo-guilt that inevitably gets him sticking his nose into situations fraught with potential violence.  One character in this book described him as looking like a “condom overstuffed with walnuts.”  He seems to consider that as being “in shape.”  He has no family, no ties, no job, no intellectual interests. Geez, the last guy I would want to have a conversation with.  Yet girls fawn over him (the author must think women are insipid little creatures.)

Some of the scenes were unnecessarily graphic.  We know Hobie is a bad guy; it’s not necessary to beat us over the head with his sadism.  The books would be far more satisfying if Reacher used a little more subtlety, more brain,and less brawn.  OK, if you like fantasy;  I doubt if I’ll read any more.

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