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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Review: In Defense of Judges by AW Gray

Audiobook: Bino Phillips is an attorney with 18 years experience who normally would be at odds with most of the judges in his area, so he’s taken aback when a local judge asks him to be his attorney. Turns out that the only way to unseat a federal judge whom the powers-that-be consider to be too lenient is to charge him with a crime. That he might be innocent is irrelevant.

Couple that with the judge’s attractive daughter who has problems of her own, namely gambling and some rather revealing pictures, not to mention a really crazy ex-con, and Bino’s wise-cracking dialogue, and you have a enjoyable legal mystery. Well, it’s not technically a legal mystery in my book as there are relatively few courtroom scenes. An enjoyable listen well narrated by Joe Barrett.
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