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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: Cache of Corpses by Henry Kisor

I do enjoy the Martinez series. Steve, the half Lakota deputy, is running for Sheriff at the behest of Alex, his state trooper friend, and several others in the county. He’s been quite successful in clearing some murder cases and has developed a reputation. Someone is now leaving headless and handless cadavers in assorted places. It’s a bizarre scheme involving geocaching. A bit weird.

There really isn’t much of a mystery, it’s more of a police procedural, and it’s quite clear who the bad guys are. What appeals to me about this series is the landscape, the Upper Peninsula, and the characters. The relationship between Steve and Ginny is real. You just get to like the people. I like them. In addition you can feel Kisor’s love of flying as Steve is the pilot of the sheriff department’s Skylane. (Kisor’s two non-fiction books that I have read, Flight of the Gin Fizz and Zephyr, should be on your list.) The first three volumes are available as a set from Amazon. A very pleasant read.

While this book stands alone, I recommend reading the series in order to understand the development of the relationships.
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