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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Review: Ghosts (#4 in the John Milton Series) by Mark Dawson

Continuing in my read of the John Milton series, this being #4. As I noted in my review of Beatrix Rose (#1 in that series) one almost has to read the two series concurrently in order to keep the relationships of the characters straight. They are as much about the interactions of the assorted assassins employed by a secret British government agency, in this case one that has been taken over by “Control” and used for his own purposes. That results in the disaffection of several of the best agents including Beatrix, Milton, and Pope. (I’ll try not to reveal too much of the plot in order to not drop any spoilers into the mix.)

In this one Milton is rescued from a Texas jail just ahead of control by a beautiful Russian agent (frankly I found it refreshing they never jumped into the sack; Reacher would have overwhelmed her with his charms within 24 hours - but done it politely even though he might not have showered in a week). A Russian agent whom Control tried to have taken out years before uses his capture of Michael Pope to force Milton into delivering some information that will destroy Control. Milton turns tables and mounts a rescue operation knowing that Control will probably try to have him assassinated along the way.

I like Milton as a character and I like the stories. Lots of good fun reading. On to #5 Sword of God which starts out much like a Reacher novel.
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