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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review: Blind Mission by Avichai Schmidt

I really enjoyed this thriller that was marred only by a total breakdown of copy-editing. I mean really. Ultimately, the author has to take responsibility for not catching numerous word omissions, misspellings, and other egregious errors. That being said the story has everything else one could want: an intelligent protagonist who uses his brain for once rather than bashing, and an iniquitous, insidious, and ingenious plot.

Take your average joe, a salesman, who gets invited to visit a company for a possible large sale only to be driven blindfolded to a warehouse where he is offered a job with a terrorist operation. He declines and is driven back whence he came only to discover his entire life has been turned upside down. He has no job, his bank accounts have been canceled, supposedly he was killed in a car crash, and then he ostensibly commits a murder. Little does he know that all his actions are being foretold and manipulated by, well, just who is pulling the strings, cords that he realizes are being pulled, but which actions are what they want him to do and which are him taking the reins of his life to get out from under them. Very clever.

It’s a terrific read, four stars rather than five for the lousy proofing.
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