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Monday, November 12, 2012

How Race Slipped Away From Mitt Romney -

How Race Slipped Away From Mitt Romney -

The WSJ blames it all on not enough money.  Typical response but they have it all wrong. I attribute his loss to three things:

1.  Message. Romney's remarks were addressed at those people who had "already built" something.  Remember his comments mocking Obama's remarks about building a business.  Well, his message was aimed at those people and the message was: "Don't let Obama tax your business."  The problem is that group is tiny since Obama's tax strategy is to tax only those who make more than $250,000. Most small business owners don't come close to that.

2.  Just who is Mitt Romney? The "I'm to the left of Kennedy" who supported abortion and gay rights, Romney?  Or the I don't believe in abortion under any circumstances, Romney? Or the debate "I'm just a middle of the road," Romney?  Did he even know who he was? No one else did.

3.  His association with Bain Capital.  Just as he's defending Bain as a great way to make moiney and rejuvenate businesses, Bain is pulling the plug on Sensata (formerly Honeywell) in Freeport, Illinois, bringing in Chinese to be trained by current workers so they can lose their jobs this December but Bain can make more money shipping jobs overseas.

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