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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Primal Fear: The book by William Diehl

Those of you who have seen the excellent movie made from this book will have a pretty good idea where it winds up.  I saw the movie long before getting the book, so the ending wasn’t a huge surprise, and I found the book to be quite interesting with intriguing characters:

-Vail, the successful lawyer dragged into a case he didn't want because the judge wants to hand him a sure loss as punishment for Vails successful suit against the city ;
- Mollie, the young psychologist who wanted to be a biologist until her brother returned from Vietnam slowly entering a state of catatonia;
-Rebecca, Stempler’s former teacher who taught in a one-room schoolhouse and saw him as one of her few success stories, the boy who didn’t go down in the hole;
-the brilliant prosecutor who didn’t want the case either but was dragged into it as her last case before she left the D.A.’s office;
-Goodman, the sensitive P.I. working on his law degree, a former boxer whose career disintegrated when he smashed his hand;
and Aaron Stempler, genius IQ who could read Latin and devoured every book he could get his hands on who is accused of the brutal murder of  Catholic Archbishop Rushmon who had befriended him.  The evidence against Aaron is overwhelming.  
-And then there’s Roy.

First rate legal novel.  The courtroom scenes are magnificent.
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