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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sacred by Dennis Lehane

Angie and Patrick have more or less given up detective work after a shootout that left them physically and mentally scarred when they are kidnapped by Trevor Stone, an immensely wealthy man, dying of cancer, who wants them to find his daughter Desiree who has disappeared along with Patrick’s mentor, Jay Becker, another Boston detective.

As with most good stories, the ostensible is rarely part of the outcome.  This one truly has a plot built on shifting sands. Take nothing for granted.

I liked the sarcasm and occasional wit.  I’m always far more impressed with authors whose characters work out a solution that doesn’t involve knocking someone on the head.  Show me some intelligence and cleverness and I’ll be a fan. This third in the series has some typical over-the-top violence, but I liked the nifty cerebral elements, particularly the way they solved the dilemma in the end.  
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