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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Vanishing Game by William Boyd | LibraryThing

Alec Dunbar is an actor.  Called to a producer’s office one afternoon, he discovers the part was really for a woman, but on the way out he is offered £1,000 by a woman to drive a flask of what appears to be water far into Scotland to a church.  It supposedly contains water from the River Jordan to be used at a ceremony.  Having few funds, Dunbar accepts.  His car in disrepair he accepts the offer of the woman’s Land Rover.  (Weirdly, this novella was sponsored by Land Rover and given away for free download. It's sprinkled with color photographs.)  What makes the short read amusing is that Dunbar uses knowledge acquired by acting in films to help himself get out from under the bad guys who invariably want what’s in the flask.

It’s a painless way to spend an hour or so and the cost was right.

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