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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Turn to Stone: A Jonathan Stride Novella by Brian Freeman | LibraryThing

I have enjoyed previous entries in the Jonathan Stride series and it was a pleasure to return to another.  Lt. Stride of the Duluth Detective Unit decided to pause on his way back home at the small town where his mother was buried, to briefly visit her gravesite.  Just as he finished, a sheriff’s car pulled up to the cemetery.  Thinking someone in town had seen his flashlight and called the police, he headed over toward the car only to watch in horror as the deputy stands in front of the car and blows his brains out.

Turns out the dead deputy, Percy Andrews, was a local hero, having rescued a woman he subsequently married from a particularly vicious man after being kidnapped and tortured for a week..

Stride, being Stride, can’t leave well enough alone. Despite the Sheriff’s unequivocal request to leave the investigation alone, Stride is a bit taken by Percy’s widow who is soon charged with the murder of Greg Hamlin. Percy had been investigating Hamlin’s disappearance. His body is soon found in Percy’s RV out in the woods.  He, too, had been tortured.  Stride is soon unraveling a tangled web of interconnections leading to murder that had their genesis decades earlier. The victims had the word Teufel carved on their chests. Was the Devil involved?  Very enjoyable read that lead in an unexpected direction.

One thing.  The last paragraph leads directly into the next book, Cold Nowhere. I sometimes find that irritating.

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